A new dynamic in instant payments for your beneficiaries

A comprehensive platform for payments 24x7 and WePayOut Digital e-wallet to simplify the processing of immediate payments to third parties. Learn about the WePayOut solution and request a demonstration. 

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Benefits of processing your payments with WePayOut

Payments occur 24x7, including holidays

You will need fewer data from beneficiaries for payments via WePayOut e-wallet

Data integration is simple and fast, and can be made using API or by uploading an Excel file to the dashboard

Thanks to the integration with PIX (the new payment system of the Central Bank), bank transfers and confirmation of payments occur within seconds. Replace current bank transfers with instant payments

Have access to an intuitive dashboard with reports and data that enables the understanding of patterns and tracking common behaviors in your company's payments


Pay to the WePayOut e-wallet

Easy for you as a company: All it requires is a full name, e-mail, and Taxpayer ID (CPF) to direct payments to the WePayOut e-wallet;

Safe and reliable: The user’s identity is verified though a KYC process by uploading documents and selfies to create an account;

Improved standardization: The wallet is integrated into our current system, which makes it easier to control your payment process to all payment methods available at WePayOut system.

All this within a PIX environment

WePayOut will participate in the Brazilian Payment System (SPB). In an environment certified by the Brazilian Central Bank, which ensures additional safety for your transactions.

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If you are interested in our PIX instant payment solutions, with the convenience of the e-wallet, you will love to know that you can also count on more solutions already available:

• Transfer to lottery stores (Cash Pick-up)

Bank Information Validation (to avoid rejected payments before processing)

• Customizable payment slips add your logo and special message

It is worth repeating: These solutions are in the same panel and the same integration. To learn more about why and how WePayOut can help you simplify your payments process to third parties, sign up to receive our contact.

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